It is a manufacturer’s legal duty to reasonably ensure the safety of its products. Unfortunately, many manufacturers cut corners and ignore safety regulations to save money. This can lead to dangerous and deadly consumer goods. Federal laws give injured consumers the right to file product liability claims against manufacturers after injuries related to defective products. You could receive compensation without needing to prove a manufacturer’s negligence. A San Antonio product liability attorney can help. Contact the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo for a free legal consultation.

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How Can a Defective Product Lawyer in San Antonio Help You?

Going up against major product manufacturers and production companies alone could lead to a settlement that is far less than you actually require. Insurance companies can take advantage of you in your vulnerable state, convincing you to settle for a small or incomplete award. Hiring a San Antonio product liability lawyer prevents this from happening. Your lawyer will aggressively negotiate your settlement or take your product liability claim to trial in pursuit of the highest possible compensation amount. No one will take advantage of you during the legal process if you have help from an attorney you can trust.

Types of Product Defects

Although any consumer product could contain a dangerous defect, the most common items that lead to lawsuits are medications, medical devices, children’s toys, electronics, auto parts, and household appliances. Any of these items can contain one or more of the three main types of defects.

  1. Design flaws
  2. Manufacturing errors
  3. Marketing mistakes

Mistakes, carelessness, or negligence on the part of the manufacturer or distributor at any phase of the production process could lead to a product liability lawsuit. If you believe you have grounds for a claim, speak to a San Antonio product liability attorney.

Proving a Product Liability Lawsuit

As a consumer, strict product liability laws protect you from dangerous and defective products. Instead of having you prove that the manufacturer was negligent in some way that caused your injuries, the law merely asks that you or your lawyer show that the item contained a defect and that it caused your injuries. This lighter burden of proof evens the playing field between consumers and large manufacturing corporations. If strict liability laws do not apply to your case, your product liability lawyer may have to help you prove the defendant’s negligence or fault for causing your injuries. Either way, you could be eligible for significant compensation.

San Antonio product liability lawyer

Damages Available in a Product Liability Case

The amount you receive for your economic and noneconomic damages after a product-related accident or injury depends on the circumstances. The severity of your injuries can change the value of your case, as can the skill of your personal injury attorney and the opinions of the judge and jury. A product liability attorney in San Antonio can help maximize your financial recovery through aggressive negotiation tactics for all applicable damages.

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress or mental anguish
  • Property damages
  • Lost income
  • Lost capacity to earn
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disability expenses

A Texas judge may also award additional punitive damages if the product manufacturer was grossly negligent or criminal in its conduct. Punitive damages are additional awards assigned to help the plaintiff and punish the defendant. Find out the potential value of your product liability claim during a free consultation at our local law office.

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