Civil rights law is the area of law that grants the right to freedom from discrimination. If someone violates your civil rights, you could be the victim of a type of discrimination that causes you to lose income opportunities, freedoms, or your sense of safety. Some violations can cause serious personal injuries and deaths, such as police brutality. Contact a San Antonio civil rights attorney if you or a loved one has suffered because of a civil rights violation in Texas. We can help you get through the claims process in San Antonio.

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Do You Need a Civil Rights Lawyer in San Antonio?

Although the law does not require you to hire an attorney to file a civil rights violation claim, retaining one could significantly help you during your case. A San Antonio civil rights lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of civil rights law, with the ability to fight for compensation and justice on your behalf. Your attorney can investigate the alleged rights violation and check to see if the perpetrator was in fact breaking the law. Then, your lawyer can file a claim on your behalf with the appropriate parties. Your attorney will fill out confusing legal paperwork while you focus on moving forward.


What Are Your Civil Rights?

Civil rights are the guaranteed rights citizens of the United States have to equal treatment. Civil rights laws protect people from discrimination based on protected classes, such as race. Civil rights serve to ensure a person’s safety, physical integrity, mental wellbeing, and life. It protects from discrimination on the basis of religion, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other protected classes. Breaking civil rights laws can lead to many different forms of discrimination. Examples of civil rights violations include physical violence, battery, assault, homicides, threats, intimidation, police brutality or property destruction based on discrimination.

Civil Rights Litigation is a complex area of the law. Recent events have demonstrated a disturbing pattern of police abuse. While we fully understand and appreciate anyone who has suffered a potential civil rights violation, we are limited in the case’s we can accept. The cases we typically select involve serious bodily injury and/or death. We will review all information submitted, but please understand, it may not be possible for us to assist you. This is in no way a reflection on your situation. All incidents of police misconduct should be reported. However, not all events can be prosecuted in a court of law.

What Are Your Options After a Civil Rights Violation

If you believe someone has violated your civil rights, a number of remedies may be available to you. First, you may be able to file a complaint with the federal or state government. The government agency you petition may intervene to help you enforce your civil rights. The agency should investigate your claim, after which the government may take steps on your behalf to handle the issue. For most civil rights cases, you or your lawyer must first file a claim with the government before filing a private lawsuit.

If the government complaint does not resolve your civil rights issue, you can file a lawsuit against the party that caused your harm. Your claim can seek financial restitution for the harms or damages the party caused you, including physical injuries or financial losses. A San Antonio civil rights lawyer can help you find out whether to file in federal or state court. Your complaint must name the defendant, describe the violation, and list any damages you suffered as a result. Using an attorney to handle the claims process can make sure you do not miss any important requirements.

Speak to a Civil Rights Attorney in San Antonio

Civil rights violations are serious breaches of federal law. You do not have to handle a civil rights claim on your own. Our San Antonio personal injury attorneys are passionate about protecting the rights of people in Texas. We can help you file a claim and build a case supporting your claim to financial compensation from an at-fault party. Discuss your case with an attorney today. Call us at (210) 922-2200 or request a free consultation online today.