A class action lawsuit is more efficient than individual lawsuits for a group of plaintiffs with similar injuries and the same defendant. When one person or entity causes damages to multiple people, a class action can be the best way to pursue compensation. Class action lawsuits commonly involve defective products, consumer fraud, corporate misconduct, and environmental torts. If you believe you have the right to start or join a class action lawsuit in San Antonio, contact our San Antonio class action lawsuit attorneys to schedule a free case review.

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Do You Need a Class Action Lawyer in San Antonio?

Pursuing a class action takes a special filing process to initiate your lawsuit. The process will differ depending on whether someone else has already begun the class action or not. Hiring a San Antonio class action lawsuit attorney can make the difference between winning or losing your lawsuit. A class action attorney will have the experience and knowledge to build a strong case against the defendant on your behalf. Hiring a San Antonio trial attorney can help you bring your claim, gather evidence, present your case before a judge or jury, and fight for the compensation amount you need to move forward with your life.

How Does a Class Action Lawsuit Work?

During a class action lawsuit, one or a few plaintiffs become representative of the entire group. These are the plaintiffs that file the initial lawsuit and conduct litigation. Upon initiating the lawsuit, letters will go to other potential plaintiffs inviting them to join or opt-out of the lawsuit. The courts must then certify the class action. This will only happen if the plaintiffs can show certain elements. The rules vary state by state, but there may be a minimum number of plaintiffs or certain facts the group must prove. Only after certification can the case move to pre-trial procedures.

Once in the pre-trial period, a class action lawsuit looks much like a standard lawsuit. Both parties will have the opportunity to discover things about each side and the evidence or facts available. It may be possible to settle the class action with the defendant without going to court. If not, a trial will commence, in which both sides will present their cases to a judge and/or jury. Having a San Antonio class action lawsuit lawyer by your side during these processes can give you more confidence and peace of mind about the future.

Ongoing Class Action Lawsuits

Dozens of class action lawsuits are ongoing in the United States. Unfortunately, the number of defective and dangerous products is long. This results in many opportunities for injured consumers and personal injury lawsuits. If you believe a defective or dangerous product injured you, or you believe you have grounds to join another type of ongoing class action, speak to a San Antonio class action lawsuit attorney.

If you received a notice in the mail stating your right to join or opt out of a current class action, talk to a San Antonio class action lawsuit lawyer about your individual rights. If you believe you have a class action lawsuit on your hands, but no one else has come forward, a lawyer can help you start your claim and reach out to other potential plaintiffs.

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An attorney can guide you through the entire class action claims process, from beginning to end. No matter who you believed caused your injuries or what types of damages you suffered, discuss your case with a San Antonio class action lawsuit lawyer. Initial consultations at the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo are always free. Contact us today to arrange a meeting in San Antonio.