Insurance fraud is a common scheme one or more parties can use to unlawfully receive more money from a claim than they otherwise would have. Medicaid and Medicare fraud refers to illegal practices to obtain high payouts from these government healthcare systems. These types of fraud can hurt patients and program participants. If you believe you have suffered Medicaid/Medicare fraud, including identity theft, our San Antonio Medicaid fraud attorneys personal injury lawyers can help. Contact us to request a free case review in San Antonio, Texas.

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Why Do You Need a San Antonio Medicare Fraud Lawyer?

Medicaid/Medicare fraud is not an easy legal process to navigate on your own. If someone stole your identity, gained unlawful access to your healthcare number, and hurt you financially through a fraud scheme, an attorney can help you recover damages. Your lawyer will walk you through the steps of claiming reimbursement for healthcare fraud. From reporting the issue to the government to going up against a defendant with a fraud allegation, your lawyer will take care of all legal processes on your behalf. You can relax while your San Antonio Medicaid fraud lawyer handles your case.

Types of Medicaid/Medicare Fraud

Medicaid/Medicare fraud is an unlawful scheme that can involve many different parties. It is possible for a physician, insurance company, bill collector, or patient to commit healthcare fraud. The same parties could also become victims in Medicaid/Medicare fraud schemes. Understanding the specifics of your particular case may take an in-depth investigation from a law firm or the government.

  • Committing identity theft to receive services or payments
  • Performing unnecessary tests or prescribing unnecessary drugs for kickbacks
  • Charging separately for services rather than giving a package rate (unbundling)
  • Billing for services the patient never received (phantom billing)
  • Knowingly claiming a reimbursement for someone besides the beneficiary
  • Billing amounts fraudulently to get payments from Medicaid/Medicare
  • Filing false healthcare claims for reimbursement
  • Abusing, neglecting, or mistreating patients

Not all suspicious Medicaid/Medicare claims are fraud. However, if a common type of scheme occurs, it should present a red flag to patients and insurance companies. If you notice potential fraud, reporting your suspicions could help you obtain compensation for your personal losses. Work with a San Antonio Medicaid fraud attorney for assistance during the claims process.

How to Report Medicaid/Medicare Fraud in San Antonio

As the alleged victim of Medicaid/Medicare fraud, you likely suffered damages before you noticed the illegal or unethical activity. It is up to you, therefore, to take action to receive reimbursement for your financial losses. First, report the fraudulent act for up to a $1,000 reward. Your allegation must contain specifics, and a Medicaid/Medicare official must confirm it as potential fraud. If your report leads to a recovery of at least $100 in stolen funds, you could receive the reward.

Then, consider filing a civil claim against the perpetrator for further damages. If Medicaid/Medicare fraud caused you significant financial losses, a civil claim against the perpetrator could be the best way to receive reimbursement. A claim could also hold the fraudulent party accountable for damages. If the perpetrator was a physician or hospital, your claim could shed light on illegal activity in your community – potentially protecting other patients. Talk to a San Antonio Medicare fraud attorney about how to handle your case today.

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