The Desvastating Truth Behind Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder

For decades the trusted Johnson and Johnson brand of talcum powder has been used by consumers around the world. Mothers use it on their infants starting at birth, adults use it to treat discomfort, athletes use it to keep their hands free of sweat and basically every human has probably come in to contact with this product sometime in their life.

Recently, the J&J talcum powder has been tied to numerous accounts of ovarian cancer. Multiple lawsuits have been filed across the country with settlements ranging from $5 million to $72 million. Yes, these are large settlements; but, Johnson and Johnson is appealing and insisting the product is safe.

There have been concerns for years that using talcum powder (particularly on the genitals) may lead to ovarian cancer. Our firm has recently received numerous phone calls from clients who reported using talcum powder as a child. Unfortunately, these clients did test positive for ovarian cancer. The truth is devastating and we want to help the victims of Johnson and Johnson’s negligence. Call our San Antonio trial attorneys to discuss if you are entitled to compensation.