One of the most serious types of collisions is the T-bone accident. This type of crash involves an impact – often at high speed – between the front of one vehicle and the side of another, forming a T shape. Determining fault for this type of accident is important, as this will decide who must pay for a victim’s injuries and potentially significant medical expenses. If you need assistance recovering compensation from the at-fault driver after a T-bone car accident in Texas, contact a San Antonio car accident attorney .

Common Causes of Side-Impact Accidents

A T-bone accident or side-impact collision is often caused by one driver ignoring traffic laws or rules of the road. These types of accidents occur most often at intersections. A driver may run a red light, for example, and crash into the side of another driver who had the right-of-way to enter the intersection. Another common scenario is a driver making an unsafe or illegal left-hand turn without properly judging the distance or speed of oncoming cars.

Many different types of driver errors can cause a T-bone car accident in Texas, including:

  • Running a red light or stop sign

  • Driving while distracted

  • Texting and driving

  • Driving while intoxicated

  • Speeding

  • Failing to yield the right-of-way to others

  • Backing out of a parking spot without looking

In some cases, a road defect causes a T-bone collision rather than a driver error. If a stoplight malfunctioned and signaled two lanes of traffic to proceed across the intersection at the same time, for example, the government agency in charge of road maintenance could be held responsible. Other cases involve the negligence of multiple drivers, making it more difficult to determine liability.

Who Is Responsible for a T-Bone Accident?

An investigation of the T-bone car accident will be necessary to determine who or what caused the crash. The investigative process often involves interviewing eyewitnesses, gathering any available photographs and video footage of the accident, reading police reports, and reconstructing the T-bone accident. Most investigations place liability for the collision with one of the drivers involved – typically, the one who broke a traffic law. However, other liable parties can include:

  • The driver’s employer, if the driver was on the clock at the time of the crash.

  • A vehicle manufacturer, if the crash was caused by bad brakes or another faulty car part.

  • A third driver, if he or she evaded the T-bone crash but forced other drivers to collide.

  • The government, if an issue with the traffic light or road caused the crash.

 Establishing liability for a T-bone accident in Texas requires a preponderance of the evidence. This means enough clear evidence to convince a judge or jury that your version of events is true with at least a 51 percent certainty. You may need an attorney to assist you in gathering evidence of fault or negligence to support your claim. 

Compensation Available for a T-Bone Crash in Texas

All drivers in Texas must carry at least $25,000 in property damage insurance, $30,000 in bodily injury insurance per person and $60,000 in bodily injury insurance per accident. If you can prove that the other driver caused your T-bone accident, this insurance will be made available to you to pay for your past and future crash-related losses. These may include:

  • Medical expenses

  • Vehicle repairs

  • A rental vehicle

  • Missed wages

  • Disability costs

  • Pain and suffering

  • Out-of-pocket expenses

  • Death benefits

  • Punitive damages

The value of your accident case will depend on the losses that you suffered and the extent of your injuries from the T-bone collision, as well as the insurance coverage available. An attorney can help you explore your options for making a financial recovery, as well as negotiate on your behalf for optimal results. For more information about seeking justice and compensation for a T-bone accident, schedule your free consultation at the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo today.