When a company or individual engages in a deceptive trade practice, consumers and the general public can suffer. Misleading the public with deceptive activities or information can lead to preventable substantial financial losses and even personal injuries. Multiple federal laws govern deceptive trade practices and give victims the right to file lawsuits. If you believe a deceptive trade practice caused your recent losses, contact an attorney now. The San Antonio deceptive trade practices attorneys at the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo can help.

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When to Contact a Lawyer

It may be in your best interests to speak to an attorney in San Antonio right away if you suspect someone of using deceptive trade practices against you. An attorney in Texas can walk you through the related state laws, which are complex and do not follow those in the federal Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Using a San Antonio product liability attorney can strengthen your claim and force insurance companies and defendants to take you seriously. Your San Antonio deceptive trade practices lawyer can navigate the state’s complicated laws on your behalf.

Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Law

Texas has its own comprehensive law addressing deceptive trade practices. These laws enable consumers, district attorneys, and the attorney general to file lawsuits against people who violate the state’s laws. The state deceptive trade law prohibits false advertising and other forms of deceptive trade practices. If a plaintiff wins a lawsuit against a violator, the violator will have to pay both actual damages and treble the victim’s damages, on top of restitution, attorney’s fees, injunctive relief, and civil penalties between $2,000 and $10,000 per violation.

Examples of Deceptive Trade Practices

Most examples of deceptive trade practices have to do with a business or individual selling goods or services in a way that violates federal standards of trade. If a seller takes advantage of a customer through any deceitful, coercive, or illegal means, it could be guilty of violating state and federal deceptive trade practice codes.

  • False advertising
  • Claiming used items as new
  • Misrepresenting facts
  • Bait-and-switch schemes
  • Tampering with odometers
  • Using deceptive pricing
  • Low-stock scams
  • Unfair contract terms
  • Coercive sales tactics

If you are unsure whether you have been the victim of a deceptive trade practice in San Antonio, discuss what happened with an attorney. A San Antonio deceptive trade practices attorney will listen to your story, help you go through related state laws, and potentially assist you with filing a civil claim.

Remedies for Deceptive Trade Practices

Damages from deceptive trade practices can lead to a successful lawsuit against the guilty party. The victim may be eligible for compensation for the actual damages he or she can prove, including financial losses and lost wages. If the deceitful tactic caused a consumer injury, the victim can also file for medical costs and pain and suffering. In addition to actual damages, plaintiffs in Texas may be eligible for treble damages. Some jurisdictions also allow the victim to obtain punitive damages.

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