An aviation accident is a terrifying event that can have serious consequences for those involved. As the survivor of an aviation accident, you could have painful personal injuries, expensive hospital bills, and emotional pain and suffering because of the incident. Let us help you hold the at-fault party accountable. The San Antonio aviation accident lawyers from the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo stand up for victims’ rights. Contact our attorneys at (210) 922-2200 today for a free consultation about your recent accident.

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  • We will never leave you in the dark. We encourage plenty of communication between clients and their attorneys. Your San Antonio personal injury lawyer will be the one answering your questions around the clock, not an associate or paralegal.
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Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Aviation accidents involve the potential liability of the pilot, the owner of the aircraft, an aviation company, a part manufacturer, and many other parties. It will take an in-depth investigation of your accident to get to the bottom of who or what caused the wreck. A San Antonio aviation accident attorney can help with these processes and more. Your lawyer will handle your legal claim while you go through treatments for your personal injuries. An attorney from the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo will make sure no one takes advantage of you during this difficult time.

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What Causes Aviation Accidents in San Antonio?

Aviation accidents can occur for many reasons. If an act of God such as bad weather causes an aviation accident, victims may not have any grounds for personal injury lawsuits. If, however, someone reasonably should have prevented the incident, one or more parties could bear legal responsibility for damages.

  • Pilot error. Pilots make mistakes that cause serious aviation accidents every year. Pilots should have the required training and experience to take passengers up. Negligence, incompetence, and reckless piloting could easily cause an aviation accident. The pilot could bear individual responsibility for these accidents.
  • Mechanical malfunctions. System breakdowns due to poor aircraft maintenance or a defective part could lead to a crash or emergency landing. Liability for a mechanical issue will depend on the party responsible for the breakdown. It may be a part manufacturer or the owner of the aircraft.
  • Ground control errors. Professionals on the ground are responsible for directing aviation activities and safely controlling the airspace. If an aviation accident occurs because of negligent flight operations, the air traffic controller in charge could be responsible.

Aviation accidents in Texas could involve private or commercial planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, or hang gliders. Identifying who is most likely responsible for your accident may take an investigation of events. A law firm can handle the investigative process for you, yielding results you can trust. Your San Antonio aviation accident attorney can then help you file a claim within the state’s two-year deadline.

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