The interim report on the Volkswagen investigation is in. Investigators state the emission cheating took place because Volkswagen simply couldn’t find a solution to meet EPA regulations. Multiple representatives from VW are suspended for participating in the act of installing the devices.

A New Movie In The Works

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson have started producing a new movie, which will focus on Volkswagen clean diesel scandal. Norton purchased the publishing rights for the book proposal for a price in the mid-six figures, and the movie rights were purchased by Liz Raposo of Paramount Pictures.

The Volkswagen emissions scandal remains an ongoing uproar. The Verge shared the full story and a timeline is posted which provides a condensed version of what’s happened from day one up until today.

According to news outlet Bloomberg, “Volkswagen is facing challenges on three fronts: cheating software it installed in about 11 million cars worldwide; irregular carbon dioxide ratings on about 800,000 vehicles in Europe; and additional questionable emissions software in about 85,000 VW, Audi and Porsche cars with 3.0-liter diesel engines in the U.S.”.