Manufacturers of medical devices have an obligation to make sure that the products they produce are as safe as possible. If a dangerous issue is discovered, they should work promptly to fix the problem or remove the product from the market. Unfortunately, these manufacturers often put profits before people, causing serious injuries and death.

This appears to be true in the case of Bard Peripheral Vascular, manufacturer of the widely used G2 and G2 Express inferior vena cava filters. Although Bard knew about potentially lethal defects as early as 2002, the products were not pulled from the market until 2010. At least 27 people have died due to complications with these IVC filters, and hundreds more have suffered serious injury.

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What Are IVC Filters?

IVC filters look like a small wire spider, and are placed inside one of your major veins to prevent embolisms. They are commonly used for patients who are unable to take blood thinners, and an estimated 250,000 of these filters are implanted each year.

Issues With G2 Series

Both the G2 and G2 Express have had issues with the “legs” breaking off, causing some dangerous and life-threatening medical conditions. Embolization can occur when a piece of the filter travels to the heart, and can cause perforation, bleeding, and other heart issues. The filters have also been found to, in many cases, pierce the vein they are placed in. The severe internal bleeding this causes can be fatal, and often goes unnoticed for quite a while.

Why Did Bard Keep Selling These Filters?

A significant amount of information has been released which indicates that Bard executives were aware of the danger of these filters in 2005. Despite this, they continued to sell the filters until 2010, and still insist that the devices are safe when used properly. The FDA is looking into the danger of these and other filters, but have yet to take any decisive action to protect consumers.

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