Volkswagen experienced one of the worst weeks in its history. This past week top managers were pulled in to the scandal, Volkswagen engineers were caught improving cheat codes, CEO Michael Horn resigned, Volkswagen’s home state and largest shareholder brutally criticized Volkswagen’s communication strategy, American dealers revolted, and plans became known of a partial retreat of Volkswagen from the U.S. Market.

Michael Horn, CEO of Volkswagen of America:

Michael Horn, President of Volkswagen of America resigned and he was “leaving to pursue other opportunities effective immediately” -Volkswagen

Some of Horn’s manager colleagues mused that Horn may want to save himself from going to jail. Researchers reported that Horn’s named is mentioned in “clean diesel” lawsuits across the country.

In America many dealers suspect that Horn had to go because he stood in the way of Volkswagen’s plan to withdraw from America.

Clean Diesel Cheat Code Improvement:

Last Thursday it became known that Volkswagen engineers improved the cheater code well past the time Volkswagen came to the attention of U.S. regulators.

A U.S. regulator by the name of Stanley Young states, “this will impact the fines”.


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