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Blog Posts in 2015

  • New DiCaprio Movie About Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

    || 11-Dec-2015

    The interim report on the Volkswagen investigation is in. Investigators state the emission cheating took place because Volkswagen simply couldn’t find a solution to meet EPA regulations. Multiple representatives from VW are suspended for participating in the act of installing the devices. A New Movie In The Works Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson have started producing a new movie, ...
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  • This Week In Auto Recalls

    || 11-Nov-2015

    Between defective airbags, cheating emissions standards, and a wide variety of other issues, the last few months have been particularly busy for federal auto industry regulators. In this blog, our San Antonio personal injury attorneys take a brief look at some of the biggest stories of the past week. General Motors Exposed to Punitive Damages In perhaps the biggest auto recall story of the week, a ...
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  • Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident Injury

    || 8-Jul-2015

    Some of the most common causes of injuries suffered by many in San Antonio and across Texas are personal injuries resulting from car accidents. Considering the high likelihood for a car accident to result in a serious head, brain, neck, or back injury and more, cars and motor vehicles come equipped with safety devices such as seatbelts and airbags to reduce the overall impact a crash may have on ...
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  • Do I Have Legal Options If I Was Injured By Police?

    || 2-Jun-2015

    Many stories dominating the news cycle over the past year have hinged on an interesting trend affecting the public across the United States- the use of excessive force by the police when dealing with alleged criminals. In San Antonio, the story of Kristiana Coignard was frequently discussed in the media. Kristiana was senselessly killed by the Longview Police Department after speaking with law ...
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  • Have You Used Syngenta Seeds?

    || 7-Apr-2015

    In 2011, foreign-based Syngenta Seeds, Inc. released a genetically modified corn seed known as Agrisure Viptera MIR 162. Corn farmers were led to believe Syngenta would be receiving approval from China, a major importer of American corn. During Syngenta’s first quarter 2012 earnings call, when CEO Michael Mack was asked for an update on expected timing for key import approval for VIPTERA, he ...
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  • Has Syngenta Threatened Your Livelihood as a Corn Farmer?

    || 18-Mar-2015

    Crops are the lifeblood of the American farmer and Syngenta's recent, greedy actions have lightened the pockets of corn growers all over the U.S., costing them billions of dollars. The company failed to receive approval from China—a major importer of American corn—before releasing genetically modified corn seed, causing the market for corn to drop significantly nationwide. Corn ...
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