Worn tires go unnoticed as one of the biggest dangers to driver safety on the road. When tires get old and worn out, getting a flat or shredding a tire is the least of your concerns. In San Antonio, TX, poor tire care results in fatal car accidents every year. Replacing tires can be a costly, time-consuming project, but it is vital to staying safe on the road all year round. There are several ways you can identify worn tires and determine if it presents a danger to you.

Examine the Tire Tread Pattern

Over time, all tire treads wear down and lose their potency over time. Most tires come equipped with indicators/wear bars on their sides. When the tire tread appears flush with the indicator bar, it means that the tread has been worn down to the point that it will not perform well (and should be replaced).

Use the “Penny Test”

A penny can be used to measure whether a tread is still deep enough (at least 2/23 in.). Take a penny and place the top of Lincoln’s head in the grooves of the tire. Lincoln’s head should not be visible—if it is visible, the tire tread is too worn and needs to be replaced.

Check Tire for Bulges and Abnormalities

Tires with good pressure levels are uniform—any bulges, bubbles, or other abnormalities in shape is a sign of low tire pressure or internal damage. Uneven tread wear, cracks, and discoloration are all common signs that a tire is worn out and needs to be changed out.

Watch for Warning Signs While Driving

Worn tires often show symptoms while you’re out on the road. You may notice the steering wheel pulling left or right, sliding in wet conditions, and steering wheel vibration. If you notice a distinct change in the drive, check your tires for wear and tear.

Is it Wear and Tear, or is it a Defect?

Cars and tires age faster in warmer climates, but they also age faster when they are defective. At the Law Offices of Maloney & Campolo, LLP we have helped countless injury victims who have suffered because of defective tires and other products. If you have been involved in an accident because of a defective or recalled tire, explore your options with our San Antonio car accident attorney!

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