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Xarelto Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Attorneys in San Antonio

Xarelto (or rivaroxaban) is meant to thin the blood of patients as a way to prevent blood clots and resulting strokes, heart attacks, and other health issues. Similar blood thinning drugs include Eliquis and Pradaxa— all of these medications were manufactured as a blood test-free alternative to warfarin. Xarelto specifically is produced by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson.

Sadly, these drugs have other, dangerous effects on the blood. Some users of Xarelto experienced intense bleeding episodes as a result of taking the medication. This caused serious injury and death in a number of patients, who until 2018, did not have any options for treating this devastating side effect. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb drug Andexxa, which was designed as an antidote to Xarelto-caused bleeding.

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