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  • Top 11 Causes of Vehicle Accidents

    || 10-Jun-2016

    Top 11 Causes of Vehicle Accidents 1. Drunk Driving. Studies have shown that roughly 300,000 people drive drunk every day. Furthermore, over ½ of all reported automobile accidents resulting in death or life changing injuries include a driver being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. 2. Speeding. A main reason for speeding is lack of patience, irritability, and fear of being ...
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    || 6-May-2016

    “JUST FOR MEN” HAIR-CARE PRODUCT INJURIES One of the most popular hair color brands known as Just for Men is currently being sued by over 150 plaintiffs who suffered injuries from using the product. All injuries consisted of allergic reactions from the hair dye ingredients. On April 13 th in St. Clair County Court plaintiffs filed suit against Combe Incorporated, Combe Products Inc., ...
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  • Takata Airbag Recall

    || 4-May-2016

    TAKATA AIRBAG RECALL UPDATE 5/4/2016 The Takata air bags remain the largest automotive recall in history. There are currently over two dozen brands affected by the recall. In short, Takata engineered an air bag containing ammonium nitrate. In the event of an accident, the air bag could potentially explode. Many incidents have reported metal shards deploying from the air bag in the event of an ...
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  • Medical Company Fails to Recall Dangerous IVC Filters

    || 5-Jan-2016

    Manufacturers of medical devices have an obligation to make sure that the products they produce are as safe as possible. If a dangerous issue is discovered, they should work promptly to fix the problem or remove the product from the market. Unfortunately, these manufacturers often put profits before people, causing serious injuries and death. This appears to be true in the case of Bard Peripheral ...
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  • Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident Injury

    || 8-Jul-2015

    Some of the most common causes of injuries suffered by many in San Antonio and across Texas are personal injuries resulting from car accidents. Considering the high likelihood for a car accident to result in a serious head, brain, neck, or back injury and more, cars and motor vehicles come equipped with safety devices such as seatbelts and airbags to reduce the overall impact a crash may have on ...
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