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  • A PR DISASTER UNFOLDED: Volkswagen experienced one of the worst weeks in its history. This past week top managers were pulled in to the scandal, Volkswagen engineers were caught improving cheat codes, CEO Michael Horn resigned, Volkswagen's home state and largest shareholder brutally criticized Volkswagen's communication strategy, American dealers revolted, and plans became known of a ...
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  • Change Allows Texas To Handle Volkswagen Lawsuits More Efficiently

    || 19-Jan-2016

    The Volkswagen scandal rocked the headlines in 2015, as it was discovered that the world’s largest automaker had installed “defeat device” software designed to cheat U.S. emissions tests. Volkswagen now faces more than 60 lawsuits in Texas alone, and the Texas Supreme Court has issued an opinion which should help these cases proceed more efficiently. Many Lawsuits Will Be ...
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