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  • The Election and Victims' Rights

    || 19-Mar-2014

    Everyone is talking about the Wendy Davis race for Governor, however there is an equally, and certainly as important election going on in the Texas State Senate. For many years, the Senate has had a rule whereby no bill could be brought to the floor unless there are at least 21 votes. The Democrats, being in the minority in the Senate, have routinely been able to stop some truly devastating pieces ...
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  • Beware The Fountain Of Youth... It May Come With A Price

    || 12-Mar-2014

    Have you seen the barrage of commercials with the middle aged guy hanging around the house, drinking a cup of coffee, looking longingly out the window and wondering how he got so old? Then a voice says… YOU CAN HAVE YOUR YOUTH BACK! You can turn back the clock and go mountain climbing, swim the ocean and date young, beautiful women. All you have to do is rub on a little testosterone gel, ...
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  • Watch Out For That VIA Bus ...

    || 13-Nov-2013

    Under the English common law, a person could not sue the state for a wrong committed against the person. The theory was that “the King could do no wrong,” a sweeping government immunity that was carried over into our American legal system and continues to affect plaintiffs’ rights to this day. In 1969, the Texas Legislature enacted the Tort Claims Act, which severely restricts a ...
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